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About Us

What is LoBorn all about?

Derived from a wordplay of "lowborn", the name LoBorn symbolises humble beginnings.

Over here at LoBorn, we tell inspiring stories - with a deliberate focus on the underdogs who started out in trying circumstances and rose above the noise. These people do not ascribe their eventual success to mere looks or riches, but attained them through sheer determination and ingenuity. We believe that these people are the ones worth mentioning. With that, we strive to provide a platform where stories of people of real substance and influence are easily accessible, and thereafter build a community of avid readers and contributors.

Our products are official merchandise with no correlation to the stories we tell. Yet, our brand ambassadors are the influencers we have featured in our stories, and our merchandise carry the symbolic meaning of LoBorn. Ultimately, we seek to empower through our designs, such that our customers would gain inspiration and confidence whenever they don our products.

Support us and be a part of the LoBorn community today. Alternatively, if you know of anyone who fits the description above and deserves a feature, feel free to reach out to us at contact@loborn.com. 


What makes us stand out from the crowd?

When it comes to fashion, we believe that comfort should not be compromised at the expense of style. LoBorn's apparels are made of high-quality soft fabric, with comfort and durability placed as top priority.

Our original designs are infused with the juxtaposition of both modern and traditional elements that span across time and space. With that, we aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia and appreciation of both culture and literature.

The LoBorn team is committed to providing a hassle-free shopping experience for our customers! As such, we chose to differentiate our customer service right down to the choice of packaging and delivery method. Our team would personally deliver your purchase right to your doorstep. Especially for the ones who are unsure of sizing, we could bring a size up or down so that you can try both sizes on the spot. Remember - you deserve absolutely nothing but the best. Simply opt for this service before you check out and consider it done!

Through our merchandise and content, we hope to make the world a better place. Thank you for being a part of our passion project!


Jared & Jerome