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Raised Among Wolves

This is just the first of our Zoomorphism series, where we use animals as idiomatic expressions. Though the phrase "raised by wolves" is usually read with a negative connotation of being uncivilised, we have a different take on that.

To us, there is virtue in being raised among wolves. We interpret it as having a strong fighting spirit amidst adversity. That, to us, is something that cannot be found in everyday folk that were raised in ordinary circumstances. Our design was thus inspired by our own rendition of the idiom, and we have also added our own twist to it.

Upon delving deeper into the motif, one would notice that the wolf featured in our design has different coloured eyes. This condition is a rare genetic mutation known as Heterochromia. We think that being different isn't bad at all. Instead, we see difference as beautiful. So always be proud of who you are.

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