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The Legend of Bukit Merah

Derived from the renowned Singapore folklore, the Legend of Bukit Merah highlights the worth of the underdogs.

Plagued by deadly swordfishes that affected villagers living by the sea, the King sought all sorts of methods to resolve the issue, but to no avail. A young boy then came up with an ingenious idea of making a trap with banana tree trunks as fences - a solution that no one had thought of - and worked. The villagers thanked the boy for saving their lives, but the King grew jealous and sent soldiers to murder the boy. The boy's blood flowed down the hill where he was murdered, and became the red hill (Bukit Merah) that we know of today.

Despite the bleak ending, the legend of Bukit Merah truly encapsulates what LoBorn believes in; that a seemingly ordinary person can make a difference if his/her voice is heard. Our design features the assemblage of the prominent elements in the legend fused together in one motif - a flotilla of swordfish, a red hill, banana fences, the sun and The Great Wave off Kanagawa by the late Hokusai representing the sea.

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